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The artistry blend of stylish and affordable kitchenware is a difficult task to find these days. Therefore, Pringle’s Home and Kitchen Appliances is there to give you elegant range of cookware at a very surprising price.

Pringle’s each product has at the least a second variation proffering you with more smart options to choose from.

airfryer 2

Partnering with them will endeavor life time advantages. It also poses as an opportunity to collaborate with one of the leading companies who has been supplying stuff from ages.




When it comes to deep-fried, greasy food like French fries and fried chicken fingers, Air fryers does its work in a great way and not require the extra calories that submerging such food in oil can add.

The Pringle AirFryer (AF 1401) with Air frying Technology that gives you perfect results – great tasting food without the oil. The machine has a maximum capacity of 2.5 Ltr with a 60 min timer. Its generous 220-240V (50/60Hz) (1400W) of power allows it to cook food super fast with great quality.

The Pringle Air Fryer occupies less space and can be easily placed on compact kitchen counter tops. It also have a different shape that is really helpful in handling. One doesn’t need to worry about splattering oil, grease fires, burning, or food sticking to it. Grilling and roasting are done with so much efficiency in it. It is upto 80% less fatty.

Young Woman Cooking in the kitchen. Healthy Food - Vegetable Sal

Priced affordably at INR 8830, to use than conventional fryers. Pringle offers you great and steady appliances at affordable prices. Their quality and service is incredible.The smart appliance enables one to relish healthier homemade food in the comfort of their homes and is safer and more convenient. Pringle is going great.




14 Comments Add yours

  1. tiffany stuart says:

    Hmm this sounds awesome. Will surely check it out. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Ooooh I love air frying as an alternative to cooking in oil. Such a great way to cut calories. ) This sounds like a product that I could definitely enjoy.

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx


  3. Niki McNeill says:

    I don’t like to purchase too many kitchen gadgets, but this one sounds really useful! Thanks for sharing your review.


  4. TheVagabondWayfarer says:

    I love how to uses less oil. It is a useful appliance to have.


  5. Alethea says:

    Sounds like a great way to cook a healthy meal. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Sues says:

    I think I need one of these!!


  7. This looks like a wonderful air fryer. I’ve been looking into investing in one lately to cut down on calories. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I really enjoy fried foods, but I don’t cook it in my house because I hate the fried food smell. I’ll do some research on this fryer as I would think that it wouldn’t give off the fried smell and it would contain all the greasy mess. Win Win. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Alicia P says:

    Have heard great things about air fryers and I think I need to try! 🙂 Thanks for the info!


  10. Amber says:

    This sounds cool! I’ve actually never tried air frying before, so now I’m intrigued.


  11. It seems that airfyer is becoming a thing recently. I felt guilty that we still the oldie fryer at home. Thanks for your recommendation. My Mother will like it.


  12. This sounds very efficient to have inn your kitchen. I have not seen this brand here in Vienna but will look out for it.


  13. Since I enjoy my fries a little too much maybe an alternative to using oil is exactly what i need


  14. I want the Air Fryer. I think it is a healthier way of cooking foods.


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