In such a humid temperature and tempting summer of Delhi , we all need some refreshers to beat the heat . Some of us consume some healthy stuff like juices but most of us prefer having some cold drinks or mocktails which are not healthy and may harm our body.

India’s summer got treated by some Cold Pressed and refreshing juices by Raw Pressery. A brand which challenge convention and dare to break the mould. The one’s who dont dip toes in the water but the one’s who dives in. It’s the fruit , the whole fruit and the only fruit . 

Raw pressery was born in Anuj’s kitchen with a simple question – why does been healthy have to do complicated? And this question resulted in one of the best juice India have.

They have a vaiety of juices which have easy to absorb vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes . It gives you the maximum nutrition and you can stock up your inventory as each bottle of raw juices last for 21 days  when stored in refrigerator. It will give the same taste and will have the same freshness even after 15 days  kept untouched.


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Raw has goodness of nature as all the fruits and vegetable come directly from local farms. They insure the soil quality, water availability and accessibility to ensure that their customers get most Delicious flavors all year around.

The provide bundles which have just fruit and nothing else. They have number of products like 3X heal which is perfect for a sore throat which gives higher immunity and good health, Pour combo is India’s first POM juice which will surely be your best friend. They have “Go Nuts” bundle which have almond milk combo which will surely boost your memory. And if you want to balance your digestive system. You should surely go for their Alkalize bundle which contains leam , trim , guava and pomegranate juices. All of then are high in iron and their best quality is they fight cancer .

If you are pissed by the spa meats and beauty treatment then go the natural way . Sip your way to beautiful skin and enjoy a spa like treatment at home with raw’s deliciously effective face packs and body scrub , which are none other but juices . It contains of six special juices heal, trim, life, fresh , detox, glow and lite which is unique and effective in it’s own way. It helps you to get healthy glowing skin, reduces water retention, relaxes mind and balance PH levels.

Recently, they have launched first ever bottle packed healthy soups in India. They have a variety of flavors and spices to chose among. You can be healthy by going different way. All the soups are amazing.

All over its a great initiative of making people healthier in a unique way, which is so far going great.


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